Learning Trails in your training and capacitation strategy

The Learning Trails are part of the extensive range of digital training strategies. As its name suggests, the content composes an itinerary that the student traverses and learns in a flexible and dynamic way. The object of the Trails is explored according to the student’s interest in learning a particular theme, which promotes continuous learning.

Why Using Trails?

To architect content in a structure that enhances learning or, further, encourage students to build their own path according to their needs and interests.

The strategy can also include extra content, alternative to the main route, and rely on tutors and monitors as partners on this path.


The Program Negócio Certo was initially structured to train the entrepreneur from the first stage: business ideas, feasibility of the idea, accounting, in short, a sequence of themes that formed the structuring of the business.


At the same time, Sebrae had the need to streamline face-to-face service and be assertive in consulting, in order to suggest previously structured knowledge paths in digital education.



The solutioin was to design Self-Service Trails to set up alternative and flexible paths that meet the needs of entrepreneurs in different areas, and present contents for business needs on a wide range of fronts (marketing, people management, pricing, business ideas, etc.).

With this, it was necessary to implement a diagnostic questionnaire that identifies the student’s business moment and in which area of business lies his problem or his difficulty. Only then the Trail is suggested in an autonomous way, always with freedom to choose the path to follow.

DOT digital group has made a gamified system that recognizes the entrepreneur’s path and helps Sebrae in the consumption of contents that are part of an alternative route and that maximize the performance. Monitors and tutors also participate in this project by monitoring performance and assisting students.


Three types of access: online, printed material and USB. More than 406 thousand participants attended.




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